About Us

It’s not how much we have, but how much we have-to-give and do for others that ultimately makes us happy, as a former sports photographer, I enjoyed capturing awesome moments as athletes crossed the finish line. My story reflects the power of personal experience and a desire to make a positive impact on other people's lives.


Some weekends were spent photographing athletes on route in the mountains, while working long hours, and consuming large amounts of protein bars, energy snacks and drinks. I wrongly believed and followed the advice of online sports nutrition experts and prescribed to foods which were highly processed and formed a large part of my daily calorie intake.


Oddly enough, the roots of Luvbiltong were planted while on a trip to Cape Town in 2020, whilst visiting family, a state of emergency had ensued, resulting from the pandemic, stuck in a no-fly zone, unable to travel back to the UK, I headed to the mountains for months, patiently waiting, while perfectly positioned for social distancing.


2021 - Luvbiltong is born, what started out as a hobby, making small batches of natural ingredient biltong for family and friends to keep myself busy, amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and the longing for normalcy, I turned my passion of creating wholesome snacks as a way to occupy my time and bring joy to those around me, I was hooked.


Pivot and focus, I attended food markets and sporting events with my newly acquired biltong producing expertise while market researching South African attitudes towards a cleaner version of protein snack, my hobby developed into a small business, having already immersed myself in these sporting environments in the UK, I gained valuable insights into public attitudes towards healthier snack options, particularly among sports individuals and athletes. 


This firsthand knowledge informed my product development and fuelled my passion for providing athletes with options that support their performance and well-being. Drawing from my own experiences and observations, I recognised the need for cleaner, more nutritious alternatives to the typical sugary snacks being promoted.


For the next few months, I sent samples of my natural ingredient biltong to the sports science Institute of South Africa, cycling shops, event race organisers, Luvbiltong won it's first contract to supply Table Mountain tourism café and bar, gyms and CrossFit boxes across Cape Town, whilst also promoting Luvbiltong at running and cycling events throughout the Western Cape and an overall positive feedback from our customers and athletes, with the majority of athletes opting for wholefood snacks to aide recovery.


I returned to the UK in 2021, together with my wife, and continue to engage with our target market and staying true in our commitment in providing natural, high-quality snacks which contributes to the continued success and growth of Luvbiltong.