Beef sticks made from Scottish Grass-Fed, pasture raised beef

Droewors - Beef Sticks

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Grass-Fed Scottish Beef Droewors, Free from Nitrate/Nitrites, High Protein, Zero Sugar. 0% Carbohydrates. No Added MSG. High Protein.
Available in Moist or Dry.
Dry Wors or Droewors (dry sausage) as the local South Africans call it, is a traditional and very popular ready-to-eat, high in protein, air dried, delicious beef snack. Dried sausage is simply made using traditional South African sausage, with a few alterations in spices and production and air drying over a period of 3-4 days. We make our Dry Sausages using carefully selected joints of topside beef trim and beef chuck of the best quality from our approved suppliers.  We use our own unique variety of spices to make our version of the famous snack. Unlike other producers we only use 100% minced beef in our Dry Sausage. The minced beef mixture is a combination of lean topside (80%) and a small amount of natural fat marbling from the beef chuck (20%).