Smokey BBQ - Sliced Biltong
Biltong - Smokey BBQ
Biltong - Smokey BBQ

Luvbiltong - Smokey BBQ - Sliced Biltong

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Luvbiltong uses pasture raised, grass-fed beef from red tractor approved farms, combining quality ingredients: Malden Sea Salt, Gluten free Worcestershire sauce, Black Pepper and Roasted Coriander Seeds to create a quintessential recipe and process to produce mouthwateringly tasty biltong.
Luvbiltong is air-cured, made in the absence of high temperatures, dipped in red wine vinegar and immersed in spices and allowed to cure over time. 
Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Coriander seed, Worcestershire sauce (Gluten Free), Tamarind, Red Wine vinegar.